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Central Contact Point for Cross-border Family Conflicts

ZAnK - Zentrale Anlaufstelle für grenzüberschreitende Kindschaftskonflikte

The ISD (ISS German Branch)

For more than 80 years, the ISD (ISS German Branch) has been working on matters which have an international dimension. In addition to cross-border family conflict situations, its work is focusing on child protection issues (danger to the welfare of a child, placement of children outside their families, etc.) and migration (family reunification, migration to a third country, return/repatriation).

Apart from so-called casework (for more information, please visit the website the ISD provides counseling to individuals and agencies. Every year, several hundreds of callers from youth welfare offices, foreigners authorities and advice centres as well as judges, lawyers and individuals obtain counseling and advice from the ISD on the above-mentioned issues, free of charge.

Its name is its programme

Its name is its programme: Embedded in applicable law (national law, international law, other States’ national law), the work of its staff members is based on socio-pedagogical methods. They listen, they try to de-escalate situations and to develop solutions in cooperation with the callers, they refer them to appropriate agencies, and they frequently adjust their counseling work to current developments. The ISD does not represent the interests of one of the parents. It is neutral; it tries to enable parents and other parties involved to act in the interest of the children concerned.

All the staff members of the ISD have intercultural competence as well as knowledge of different languages – at present, these are English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, and Russian. The ISD is part of a network of cooperation partners in Germany and worldwide.


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